With the months flying off the calendar like a TV ad we are in the homestretch of 2021, a thought that is both unbelievable and exciting.  This time of year is all about change, not only the visible ones, pretty leaves and chilly nights but also that extra cheer we feel, it’s like something special is in the air all around us, we are kinder, we are happier and we are stepping with the attitude of gratitude.  With Thanksgiving just a few short weeks away many of us this time to reflect on our lives and question what we are grateful for.  Of course the typical answers are family, good health, food on the table and the likes, predictable but who can argue with those things.  For those who struggle with addiction or are new to recovery this question is usually answered much differently, more like ‘what is there to be grateful for?’  While this sentiment is very normal the reason some feel this way is because they come to the stage of recovery hurt and resentful.  Their lives are complicated which makes it hard to see the glass half full.  Truth be told, recovery is hard work but it is worth it.  The staff at the Dismas Home of New Hampshire are highly trained to work with our residents to change that mindset.  Today many of our residents would say they are most grateful for sobriety which in turn has blessed them with a second chance and opened the doors to many new beginnings.   Gratitude is a key ingredient of recovery, they go together like turkey and stuffing.  So this Thanksgiving, as you go around the table with each person saying what he or she is grateful for, remember to be kind, understanding and patient with those in your families who may be struggling with addiction or are in recovery. 

Speaking of gratitude, GivingTuesday is just about a month away.  Now some might be wondering what is GivingTuesday?  Well this is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving that was created in 2012 to celebrate giving and charitable acts, that’s right a day entirely dedicated to giving and encouraging people to do good.  This day has since grown into a global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give and celebrate generosity.  This year the Dismas Home of New Hampshire would like you to consider donating to our cause.  The women in our facility have already done the hard part but there is plenty they still need.  Every act of kindness and generosity counts no matter how big or small and everyone has something to give. 

We are still accepting donations for the Denim and Diamonds Gala as well as the Fill Our Pantry Drive.  If you would prefer volunteering we offer individuals an opportunity to serve, learn and make a difference in the lives of our residents through advocacy, teaching, resume writing, and a myriad of other things.  Studies have shown that the attitude of gratitude has many beneficial side effects, one of the most important to an addict is avoiding relapse. 

With your help, these fantastic gals can learn something new, look forward to an activity that can bring them happiness, be confident, be optimistic and be passionate about having a good life.   We encourage our residents to give a little kindness to themselves this GivingTuesday, celebrate how far you have come and evaluate where you want this journey of sobriety to take you.  Remember recovery is for everyone!

Help Make A Difference

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