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About Dismas Home of New Hampshire

Dismas Home of New Hampshire offers women a safe and welcoming home with all the clinical, medical, and educational support they need for continued recovery and preparation for the next chapter of life, work, and family.  We are the only program that is dedicated solely to serving women who have been involved in the justice system. 

Our unique two-phase program has delivered excellent results because it starts by giving women a secure place to heal and then teaches new tools to reclaim an empowered life again.

  • The initial 90-day program is designed to treat the trauma behind the substance misuse and restore their physical, emotional, and mental health
  • The subsequent Transitional Living Program (TLP) combines workforce education, life skills, ongoing therapeutic support and case management to prepare them for the next step in independent living

Dismas Home of New Hampshire is a federally registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and is independent of other Dismas (model) programs around the country.  We partner with healthcare providers, social services, the justice system, educational institutions and local employers to support and empower women who are transitioning into a more meaningful life after Dismas Home.

Who Does Dismas Serve?

Dismas Home serves New Hampshire women who need additional resources and strategies after involvement in the justice system in order to restore their sense of security and develop new skills to build better lives for themselves and their children.

We are not a detox facility, halfway house, or sober home. Our residents are in the first stages of recovery and are committed to investing in the next chapter of their lives in a healthy and productive way.  

Good for the Community

Because we’re committed to providing a safe place for our residents to heal, we invest in well-maintained and secure properties. Our team and staff work closely with local communities and have received positive feedback from our neighbors.

“I’ve had a wonderful experience being the neighbor of the Dismas Home.”

Stephen C.


Your Donation Can Turn Lives Around If you or your organization want to be a part of the transformation during this pivotal time, there are many ways to donate and change lives. “Just that one connection could save somebody’s life.”

Help Make A Difference

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