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Home Sweet Home

It is said that, ‘Home is where the Heart is’;  meaning, it is not a tangible place but rather a foundation of love, affection and fond memories.  An intangible place…
Watering white yellow daffodils, spring sunshine and waterdrops.

There is a Season for Everything

A capricious Spring struts in, gracing us with her highly sought-after diva-like presence. In the northern hemisphere, the month of April tends to be the most tumultuous; rainy and windy…
body mind soul text engraved on old wooden signpost outdoors in

Self Care in the New Year

A new year has strolled in and eagerly awaits introduction, hello 2022, how do you do?  Worldwide many people see January as the first chapter of a new book waiting…
Close up hand of young woman with pen writing on notebook at riv

Journaling for Mental Health

The show is almost over, the final curtains are about to come down on 2021 and a new year will ring in.  Despite all it’s shiny newness this time of…

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