Board Officers

Founder, Chair

I Was Born And Raised In Annapolis, Md At The Naval Academy Where My Father Was A Professor. I Have A Ba Degree In Interior Design With Graduate Certification In Geriatric Interior Design. My Speciality Is Dementia. I Was President And Head Designer For My Design Company For 40 Years. I Was Married To Jack Mccarthy For 30 Years, Having 5 Children Between Us 9 (1deceased), 10 Grandchildren. Together We Ran The Mccarthy Associate Group For 28 Years. I Presided As President And Cfo.

Together We Were Co-Founders Of Dismas Home Of Nh (Dhnh) In 2014. We Were Both Passionate About Reducing The Rate Of Recidivism And Helping The Incarcerated Population. Both Of Us Having Worked Behind The Walls Of The State Prison For Over 10 Years As Volunteers, Realizing How People Have Been Marginalized With Very Little Resources For Help. 

We Started Dismas Home  Nh With $2000 And Gathered A Group Of Like-Minded Individuals. We All Realized It Was A Giant Leap Of Faith Into The Unknown But With Our Strength In God And Lots Of Prayers We Also Knew We Could Make It Happen. We Have Been Blessed With Incredible Talent, Hard Work, And Spirit From Our All-Volunteer Board.

We Realized We Had A Dream And We Knew We Could Make It Work. Never Thinking We Would Be Working 60-70 Hours A Week Again! Even I Became Cfo For 2 Years. It Was A Huge Hurdle!

Jack Was With Us Long Enough To See The Doors Open. With Jack’s Passing The Board Members Of Dhnh All Stepped Forward To Keep Us Moving. We Could Already See The Success Of The Women Transitioning Through The Home. What A Blessisng!!! 

Our Future Plans Include A 2nd Home To Help Our Women In Furthering Their Successful Transition Into The Community As Loving, Caring, And Wanting To Give Back To Their Community To Help Others. Our Dreams Also Include The Expansion Of Our Services Within The Community.

Carol McGarry
Mariette Young
Darren Schriever

His leadership extends across the SkyTerra organization as principal systems engineer. Adept at implementing the creative ideas that he and his partner develop, Darren works to simplify the IT challenges businesses face. He works closely to gain a deep understanding of
each of SkyTerra’s client’s needs and communicates solutions that get to the heart of the problem at hand.

Before founding SkyTerra in 2015, Darren gained extensive systems engineering experience in IT infrastructure, software, and financial services. He has served in various roles such as IT Director, IT Manager, and IT Team Lead providing technical direction for companies including WhippleHill Communications, Wellington Management Company, and Breakaway Solutions. In influential positions at these companies, he was exposed to the foundational ideas that would sow the seeds of future cloud solutions, and developed engineering and communication methods that would ultimately lead him to his partnership at SkyTerra.

Madeline Hutchings
Madeline is an attorney who practices at the intersection of law and mental health care, as well as a psychotherapist. At the law firm of Sheehan Phinney Bass & Green PA she works with nonprofits and with health care entities that provide psychotherapeutic services, as well as in estate planning. She also holds her master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling and provides holistic, trauma-informed care to individuals overcoming mental health challenges. Through this multidisciplinary background, Madeline developed insights into the clinical, practical, legal, and policy issues affecting treatment and reentry for women who are formerly incarcerated. Work with Dismas Home allows Madeline better to answer a longstanding call to serve individuals combatting the lasting burdens of incarceration and substance use disorders. Her academic background includes research into the barriers and gateways to effective reentry after incarceration, and the importance of a mental health-informed approach to reentry planning. Madeline is inspired by the courage and perseverance of the women of Dismas Home, and she is grateful to unite with them in their paths to sustained recovery and successful reentry.
Satina Thibedeau
Ms. Thibedeau is a lifelong educator who has focused on children with disabilities and mental health issues. Ms. Thibedeau has been a classroom teacher, principal and school and state administrator . She was the Administrator for the Bureau of Student Support Services at the New Hampshire Department of Education for over 15 years. During her tenure at the New Hampshire Department of Education she was able to secure SAMHSA grants to provide school districts with trauma informed and social/emotional learning education. Santina was a board member on the NASDSE board and the president of the Board during the 2017-2018. In 2019, she was awarded NASDSE’s Dr. Melody Musgrove Heritage Award. Ms. Thibedeau is currently a board member on the New Hampshire Foster and Adoptive Parent Association. Ms. Thibedeau serves as the Executive Director of Student Support Services in a local school district overseeing students with disabilities, English language learners, behavioral and school health and a multi-tiered system of support for behavior.
Paul Young
Past Chair
Paul began his career as a U.S. Senate Aide and has been a strategic advisor in numerous presidential and congressional campaigns. He is the founder of Novus Public Affairs, a NH based public relations company, and Hynes Communications, a leading national online communications company. He has been active in numerous non-profit organizations and ministries. Paul also serves as the Chairman of the Resource Development Executive Committee of Dismas Home of New Hampshire.​


Cheryll Andrews
Executive Director

Cheryll has more than 25 years experience creating meaningful relationships and helping businesses grow. Many of those years were spent working as a corporate media marketing consultant, and in the non-profit sector in development, managing committees and raising funds for important missions such as women’s heart health. Today, Cheryll has focused her experience and skills to bring the future vision of Dismas Home to life. Some personal details to share are: Cheryll is on the board of the New Hampshire Master Chorale, with whom she has been a singer for 18 years. She lives in New Durham with her husband.

Colleen Brough
Operations Director

Colleen Gordon has years of experience working alongside executive teams in the non-profit sector. Colleen has a proven track record of senior-level executive support, management, event planning and training. She has a strong ability to streamline processes, maximize efficiency and foster professional relationships within organizations. Colleen’s philosophy centers around what role she can play in helping others find solutions. She is committed to excellence in service.

Michele Barbrie

Michele has been in the helping professional field for more than seven years. She has held positions
ranging from Certified Recovery Support Worker to Operations Supervisor, to being the Executive
Director of a Recovery Community Organization. She has a degree in Addiction Services and is a
practicing Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Her passion is in helping people find the best self they
can be and never giving up on anyone. Michele has three grown children and lives at home with her
husband, two rescue dogs, and she enjoys traveling.


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