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Self Care

Self Care | So important it deserves more than just a month Modern day American women wear so many hats on a daily basis and more often than not several…
Four Seasons

Earth, Wind, Fire | Personal Self-Care

What’s so Great about September? The month of September can sometimes get a bad rep because it means summer is ending; tan lines will fade and bedtimes will be reinforced…
Prescription Medication in Orange Pill Bottles

Drug Control Proposal

On the Rise If you are a consumer of just about anything, you realize the costs have skyrocketed.  We aren’t just talking about airfare or designer brands here, we are…
share love to a nonprofit

Helping Nonprofits in Time of Need

Those in Need “It is among the most basic human truths: Every one of us, someday, will be brought to our knees by a diagnosis we didn’t expect, a phone…

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