Self Care | So important it deserves more than just a month

Modern day American women wear so many hats on a daily basis and more often than not several at the same time.  For our friends and families we are expected to be chefs, doctors, taxi drivers, life coaches, financial advisors, care-givers and let’s be real, superwoman.  While one may say, “that’s just the way life is”, what most of us fail to realize is how impactful day to day living can be not only on our bodies but also on our minds.  Truth be told, this IS indeed just the way life is!  There are times we feel stretched thin but push past exhaustion because we want to be a good friend, wife, mom, sister, daughter, and because for centuries, society has made a woman feel like being a jack of all trades is a part of her biological makeup, so just do it!   

But life needs balance and this is why we must indulge and submerge ourselves in self-care; not just the monthly pedicure or movie night with friends but actual care, the kind we so freely give to those we love but often don’t feel we have enough time to give ourselves.  The Dismas Home of New Hampshire challenges you to incorporate self-care that enriches and nourishes every fiber of your being so you’re able to live your healthiest life and put on your cape on a daily basis.  

Have you had your serving of fruit for the day?

While studies show that an apple a day, more like a fruit salad, keeps the doctor away, we’re talking about different types of fruits to nourish you.  Growing up I learned a song called The Fruits of the Spirit; back then I had no clue what it meant or how important it was but today as I hear it playing in my head it resonates with me!  These fruits are the foundation for a good healthy life, one lived with purpose despite who you are or what your story is.  We know life can be harsh sometimes; we can become victims of our circumstances which can push us to do things and be people we never thought we’d do or be but we can’t let those things define who we are forever.  Everyone deserves a second chance and here at the Dismas Home of New Hampshire, it is our mission, our core value to see to it that each resident gets that second chance she so deserves.  With that said let’s grab the perfect ingredients to nourish our soul;

Self Care Yoga

A cup of LOVE- Acknowledge your feelings, forgive yourself and fall deeply in love with who you are, who you aspire to be and start taking small steps towards becoming her.  Take time to journal your journey, a love letter to yourself that you can go back and read on darker days.  

A tablespoon of Joy – Find your passion, chase your dreams and believe that it’s never too late as long as you have breath in your lungs.  Live in forgiveness be it for yourself or others, learn from life experiences and spread that joy onto others.   

A pinch of peace – Do not let your mistakes or your past define you.  Release that which you cannot control, declutter your mind and be grateful for where your journey brought you.  Be content with small victories.

A smidge of patience – Accept where you are.  Focus on progress not perfection, remember change doesn’t happen overnight.  Be optimistic and know every situation is only temporary. 

A dash of kindness – Take time for yourself every day to decompress, let your hair down and just be.  Recognize and celebrate your accomplishments, speak to and of yourself with kindness.  Acknowledge negative thoughts and turn them into something positive, know you will make mistakes and be compassionate when you do. 

A handful of faithfulness – Remember why you are on this journey and remain committed to your goals.   Set boundaries and always put what’s good for you first.  Reward yourself for how far you have come and remind yourself each night of what you did that you feel good about.

A sprinkle of gentleness – Accept who you are, believe in yourself and your abilities, do not compare yourself to others and surround yourself with people and things that inspire you.  

A splash of self-control – Embrace being human, we are perfectly imperfect.  Avoid temptation and plan ahead by developing an escape plan for when you find yourself a familiar situation or headspace.  Focus on your end goal and remind yourself of the consequences.  

No matter who you are or where you’re from life will throw us curve balls but if you use some of these things to properly care for yourself you will come to realize that every day is an opportunity to grow, rebuild or restart.  It’s your time to shine and remember the Dismas Home of New Hampshire is here for you!

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