Those in Need

“It is among the most basic human truths: Every one of us, someday, will be brought to our knees by a diagnosis we didn’t expect, a phone call we couldn’t have imagined, or a loss we cannot endure.  That common humanity inspires our mercy.  It fortifies our compassion.  It drives us to look out for the sick, the elderly, the poor, and the most vulnerable among us.” Joseph Kennedy III

It is without a shadow of a doubt that money is on the minds of most Americans.  

The 2022 Stress in America survey, conducted by APA, found the rise in everyday items such as gas, energy bills, grocery cost, etc., ranked as one of the top sources of stress and has peaked since 2015.  This problem is not unique to just individuals and families.  Charitable Non-Profit organizations, like the Dismas Home of New Hampshire located in Manchester, have also felt the pinch of the economic roller coaster these past few years.  The highs and lows make it challenging to plan for the future when the present is so uncertain.  Researchers have uncovered what we already knew, nonprofits are becoming more and more essential to solving pressing social challenges and building thriving communities. But we cannot do this on our own, we need help therefore we are leaning on the trusted relationships we have cultivated with our donors and our community.

Helping others can help you!

Our donors are the cornerstone of our organization; they keep the doors open so we are able to help those who rely on our services. Studies show that lending a helping hand can significantly enhance your mental health and provide a deep sense of purpose, happiness, and fulfillment.  Perhaps we give because we feel like it’s the right thing to do or because we ourselves hope for good karmic energy.  Either way, there’s something electrifying about the pure good vibes you put out into the universe when you help someone in need.  And best believe we at the Dismas Home of New Hampshire are truly blessed to receive your kindness, love, and support. Our residents are aware and are grateful for the impact your support has on their journey to a more productive and successful life.   We know how difficult reaching for the pocketbook can be in these trying times, especially when the cost of day-to-day living has skyrocketed.  A gift of any size and frequency helps our cause and is most appreciated.  If for some reason a financial contribution is off the table at this time, please consider donating in one of these other ways.

  1. Say our name, say our name!

Talk about us, let people know we exist.  Tell your friends and families about our mission and ask them to support us.  Hopefully, they will see your passion for our cause and they will pass the word on to their connections to build awareness.  

     2.  You’ve got the time? We’ve got work!

Another great way to support us is to donate your time.  Organizations like ours need all the help we can get and have a wide range of volunteer opportunities.  Think about all the skills you possess and what a gift it would be to share them with someone who can use them to nurture their lives back to a healthy place.  Whether it’s gardening or crafting, cooking or exercising, filling our pantry or working an event, please consider sharing your time with us.

     3.  Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? Snapchat? Tik Tok?

We like them all and we encourage you to use your social media platform and connections to spread the word about us.  Share our posts, tag us in yours when something can benefit us, share our fundraising events or just drop a line about why you support us.  Consider doing a fundraiser for your birthday or another special occasion.  Exposure and awareness will  continue to help us grow and who knows maybe your friends will want to be our friends too.


The Dismas Home of New Hampshire asks that you consider donating to our cause.  A financial gift of any size and frequency is greatly appreciated as it helps us to help these incredibly strong women who are working so hard on creating the best version of themselves.  Please check out our website for volunteer opportunities and other ways in which you can donate and support us.

Help Make A Difference

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