September marks the 32nd anniversary of National Recovery month and this year’s theme is such a profound one because it holds so much truth and so much promise.  ‘Recovery is for EVERYONE, EVERY Person, EVERY Family, EVERY Community!’ Here at the Dismas Home of New Hampshire these words are the very foundation upon which we are built, giving each of our residents the opportunity of a second chance at life. Sadly so many people who battle addiction are ashamed, they feel alone and even worst, they find it difficult to believe that recovery is attainable or that they deserve a second chance to have a healthy and happy life.  Those things are just not true! Our dedicated staff is here to help you recondition your mind, help you understand the disease of addiction and equip you with life changing knowledge to guide you through your darkest times so you can see that recovery is a reality for everyone regardless of who they are.  Recovery belongs to EVERYONE because it benefits EVERYONE!


The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) utilizes Recovery Month to educate people about mental health and substance use disorders in addition to celebrating the hard work and victory of individuals in recovery while providing support to the affected families and communities.  We, at the Dismas Home of New Hampshire along with thousands of prevention, treatment and recovery programs join in that celebration as we continue to push and promote the crucial message that prevention works, treatment is effective and people DO recover.  The observation of this month has grown significantly and continues to receive increased attention in light of the national opioid epidemic, skyrocketing overdose rates and greater public awareness around the need for resources and services.  We want it’s observance to also serve as a reminder that when we empower communities and families, we are engaging in healing that extends beyond the individual.  We must ensure that EVERYONE has the same chance at recovery. 


Unfortunately while substance abuse and mental services are nothing new, the stigma attached to them remains strong.  During Recovery Month our goal is to help eliminate that stigma and unveil the human face behind the disease.  Addiction does not discriminate, it has crept into the lives of people from all walks of life and it has destroyed most of those lives.  It is our hope that each success story improves understanding and provides answers that can help tear down the barriers this stigma has caused.  The Dismas Home of New Hampshire firmly believes that looking beyond an individual’s experiences can strengthen and support recovery in all its forms and for everyone who is affected.  Together with empathy, love and support we are able to save and rebuild lives.  The 2021 National Recovery Month observance and theme, “RECOVERY IS FOR EVERYONE” works to inspire people across the country to transform the “I” into “we” and build bridges between families, communities, and groups.  For more information about Recovery Month and how it is being celebrated visit

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