Summer is finally here after what seems to have been the longest winter of all time, pandemic lockdown and all.  For many of us, this time of year appeals to all our senses as we are able to roam freely and enjoy the beautiful scenery, warm sunny days, and most of all lots of summer cookouts.  Right now the Dismas Home of NH is strongly focusing on a Fill Our Pantry drive which is year-round.  With your donations, we are able to give these ladies a budget to be able to purchase the items they need for the month.  We are especially excited this time of year for all the vibrant and colorful fresh fruits and vegetables in season to make healthy and nutritious meals.  As a part of our overall wellness approach that lends to independent living, the Dismas Home of NH finds it important to equip our ladies with day-to-day life skills such as planning a menu, budgeting for groceries, and preparing home-cooked meals.  We all know that home-cooked meals provide a sense of comfort and happiness but it also helps with recovery by giving us a sense of belonging, connecting us to one another, a feeling of pride in our creation, and mastering structure all while nourishing our bodies. 

Our vision for this Fill Our Panty drive is a little different but promises to be a lot of fun.   We are calling it, Showcase Your Best Dish, so where are the chefs? This is your casting call!  I bet you are wondering, how does this work?  Well, it’s simple, first, we are asking that you share one of your favorite recipes with us along with either a photo of the dish itself or friends and family chowing it down.  Or if you have a short video of a minute or less that you’d prefer to use we would love to see it.  We also ask that you give a little history about the dish perhaps how long you’ve been making it or that it has won the blue ribbon at your county fair ten years in a row.  Secondly, we ask that you donate the cost of the ingredients for this dish.  That way the ladies can attempt to recreate your masterpieces which will then be featured in our cookbook in the near future.  I know there are plenty of us out there that have made something so beautiful, so mouth-wateringly delicious, that we had to take a pic and share it on social media or with our friends.  We are asking that you include us by becoming a part of this event, one for such an amazing, life-altering cause.  These ladies have come so far, they have been so brave and are on this journey to a better more successful tomorrow. 

Please help us help them, we all have women in our lives that go through difficult times that can be made easier with a little love and support. We look forward to your entries and can’t wait to make you a part of our lives. 

“Food is maybe the only universal thing that really has the power to bring everyone together. “ 

-Guy Fieri

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